3D Laser Scanning

Hexagon Portable Scanner

With deep expertise in computer aided designing we are  engaged in offering onsite CAD Support to all our customers.  This support is best and offered to the patrons as per the needs  and requirements. It is used to assist create, modify, analyze and  optimize design.

We provide skilled resources and subject matter experts for  design engineering services across diverse industry segments.  Over the years, our engineers have managed and supported  some of the most demanding and prestigious projects in the  automotive, aerospace and industrial machinery, medical  equipment and consumer electronics. Our high quality technical  resources work cohesively with core R & D teams at customer  sites to effectively deliver new product designs and  modifications.

To provide highest quality engineering design services possible,  we host a wide range of the very latest in 2D and 3D CAD  software, ensuring we can produce engineering drawings to the  highest standard.

If you are looking to out source CAD, design services & support.  We can offer you the flexibility to sub-contract design work either  into our modern CAD design office or by integrating design  engineers into the client team on their site. Our CAD services are  supported on a an ran and CAD Machine Acius.